NDNgirls FAQ (frequently asked questions)
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WTF is this shit?
The most common question I get by far. NDNgirls.com is a collection of amateur and proffesional native american porn girls. Some are well known industry pornstars like Sierra Sanchez, Ruby Knox, and Phoenix Knight. Others are local hometown native girls from all over the US and Canada. Simply put, the only criteria for being on NDNgirls.com is for a model to be 18+ and native american.

How much is an NDNgirls.com website membership?
Membership is less than $1 a day and you get a FREE NDNgirls DVD by mail when you signup ($20 value) along with bonus access to my other websites. So Join NDNgirls now!

I am a paying subscriber and have a valid question/concern pertaining to my membership, who do I contact?
Email support@ndngirls.com

I like to complain about things I cannot change, where can I do so?
Email onelazycoon@ndngirls.com

Why are you fixated on filming native indian girls?
Because they're there and I like them. Actually I film girls from everywhere. Play the clip below.

What do you have to say to the press/media/critics?
Play the clip below.

Who the fuck are you?
Shimmy... just a laid back 30yr old black guy. I'm a computer nerd with a camera that enjoys standup comedy, running, surfing, and auto racing. Check out my blog and radio show for more info. Girls are fun too but are more of a hobby than a primary interest. I've been in the adult entertainment industry since 1997 making websites. I just picked up a camera and started filming my own movies a few years ago. Prior to that I was an actor in front of the camera in California where I did a handful of interracial porn movies then decided to start filming my own movies, mostly in first-person POV. I might get involved in the rap game next, it's all related.

Why indian girls?
All girls are the same to me, ethnic kinks only exist in the mind and you eventually work these things out of your system once you satisfy your cravings. The only cure for temptation is to give in to it. There is nothing wrong with having fetishes and/or fantasies as this is quite normal and healthy to want to see/experience someone different for a change. Life is short and you can only eat white bread for so long. Now as for "why indian girls" I'll give you a few simple reasons, one I think they're pretty fucking hot, most have good genetics, nice skin, minimal body fat, thick lips, and very strong shiny thick hair. I would arguably say they have the nicest hair on the planet. On the flipside of the coin, many native girls have flat asses and legs like baseball bats. They have a unique walk too. For the record, black girls have the nicest asses in my opinion.

Why do you travel out of your way to remote places like Thunder Bay ON and Grand Portage MN to film NDNgirls?
Little known fact is that I lived in Thunder Bay for a little over 4 years. I can best describe it as an abandoned shithole town ran by broke ass rednecks who despise indians and blame their shortcomings on them. It lacks anything close to a stable economy, and society shifts all its blames on indians. I've heard northern white folks call them prairie niggers, bogins, wagon burners, and all sorts of names when scapegoating them. Its pretty fucked up there, and its cold too. Minnesota ain't much better.

I want to threaten you personally and/or intimidate you because of my own ignorance, fear, jealousy, and insecurities.
Take a number and bring a lunch. 20 years of living in east oakland taught me a few things. 

Why are you exploiting "our" women?
Every model on any of my websites/dvds is there voluntarily and they were all compensated. In addition many got free gifts, lunch/dinner, etc. As for that "our women" shit, nigga get over it.

I'm calling my lawyer, the po-po, and my babydaddy on you... where do I send legal documents to regarding this site?
Translate everything into Swedish, then mail it to the address below:

Shimmy Productions
Hemfeldtsgatan 59, Box 2704
SE-30247 Halmstad

Have a nice day and join NDNgirls. :)

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I love ethnic humor, really I do... so here's a little tidbit I found amusing...
Just for kicks here is a lovely picture that Nathan from Grand Portage Indian Casino drew of me back when I worked there as a NDN casino security guard many years ago.
Dude got me in trouble for "sleeping on the job" while reading a book at my post and this pic circulated around the rez like wildfire. Real funny motherfuckers, my turn to laugh now

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