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Danica - Ice Cream, Bananas, Cigarettes, and Throat Gagging Blowjobs!

This scene with Danica was actually my favorite to film on my last trip to the reservation up north, thats why i gave it 5 stars! I liked Danica so much I filmed her again the next day and paid her double what I did the previous day on her 2 girl scene with Tomasina. Now I don't do this very often, but some girls are just worth it when they put their everything into it, and Danica did not dissapoint. We drove around town a bit cooking up some ideas for a playful shoot, and I was gonna have her do something outdoors in the snow but we nixed that idea cause I didn't bring a jacket or gloves with me and it was like 12 degrees that day. She was down for it though! Maybe next time as I have a feeling this girl is up for anything. Instead I went to McDonalds and the grocery store and got her an ice cream cone and the biggest, curviest bananas I could find. Shit this girl has god crazy mouth skills and I wanted her to demonstrate on the food before going down on my banana! There is just something electric about this girls personality that I like, she's just fucking fun to be around, laughs constantly, sucks a mean dick, and is serially happy. Make sure you don't miss the end of this video its sure to be a classic where she takes a mouthful of cum, gags on it, and coughs it up while laughing her ass off. That shit was just priceless and I had a good time in her apartment that day. I left with a shitfaced grin on my face, smiling ear to ear. :)



Cindy the Winnipeg Wonder - 4ft tall fun-size Soto-Ojibwe shortee!

native_american_porn_ndngirls_soto_ojibwe_cree_girls4.jpgTime for another native american porn episode at NDNgirls! Defying logic, and perhaps my own sanity I traveled 2200 miles to shoot this next scene... all the way up to cold ass Winnipeg, Manitoba. After all, NDNgirls isn't going to update itself and I gotta keep you members happy! And I know its been a minute since I last posted a fresh scene, but yall niggas gotta realize that I run on CP time, and it takes time and money to travel, locate, and film all the girls for this site. Looking at my visitor stats for NDNgirls.com, apparently there is a large percentage of folks logging in from Winnipeg so I decided to make my next trip there to give NDNgirls that local flavor that it's known for in Thunder Bay, Ontario where my name in the streets is hotter than fish grease. If you've ever deep-fried fish and gotten popped by the grease, then you know how hot NDNgirls is in Canada and the midwest. I've even heard that niggas are selling bootleg NDNgirls DVDs in some parts. Its grown to epic proportions where girls I meet for the first time know all about me, and this silly website before I even introduce myself. Who fucking knows... but with all the threats and hate mail I receive (see the comments page for sample) it makes me think that niggas have too much free time on their hands.. and don't even get me started on Grand Portage Indian Reservation in Minnesota where I've been banned from. I'm surprised the Chippewa tribe took a break from laundering federal government grant money to even take notice of me. I was only their lead accountant and grant writer for a year, what would I know... Meegwich indeed. But such is life.

Anyhow, Winnipeg is situated right in the middle of Canada eh, about 45 minutes across from the US border near Fargo, North Dakota. I would have just up and drove here but I got a lot of shit to fix on my car since some florida cracker plowed into me at a stoplight a few weeks ago. I got a broken ankle and a torn leg muscle as a result of the crash and was hopping around on crutches like "Tiny Tim" from Mickey mouses scrooge christmas carol cartoon, but after getting some physical therapy I knew I had to get this site updated to keep my members happy. After all, this site, my DVDs, and my clip stores are my bread and butter, so I couldn't let yall niggas down. No way. So as soon as my black ass could walk and/or pimp-limp without crutches, off on the greyhound bus I went.... all the way from Florida to the middle of nowhere Canada. For only 99 bucks... what a great country America is. Go Greyhound! 3 days of insanity on the bus later I arrived, only to get stripsearched and interrogated by my good friends at Canada Customs in a cold warehouse, typically reserved for inspecting truckers loads. They could have at least took me inside the main heated building. Anyhow I got there, shaken but not stirred...

native_american_porn_ndngirls_blowjob_soto_ojibwe_cree_girls6.jpgNow I haven't contacted any girls in Winnipeg other than Betty Spanks (or is it Spanxxx?) a cute little native american porn starlet who is kind of on my fucking nerves at the moment with her continuous "call my agent for booking" runarounds as if she's Aria Giovanni or something, so I had only a few days to find a new girl to film... which I thought would be easy. WRONG. Even with craigslist wide open and uncensored in canada, modeling sites like onemodelplace.com and modelmayhem.com where video models are basically for sale, and countless other resources it is extremely difficult to shoot porn here. You can find "regular" girls easily, on craigslists, at clubs, shopping malls, hanging around ATMs (lol... must be a winnipeg thang) etc... but as for the porn video most girls here just ain't going for it, regardless of money its something uncommon in these parts. I guess. Either that or my greyhound bus got into town on welfare day, hence my american money will not be any good until a few days later, or right after "childs tax credit day" when bitches be broke as a mofo all over Canada. So.... against the advice of many, I ended up getting a cheap rental car ($13/day, thank you hotwire.com!) and cruising around Winnipeg, which apparently is chock full of biker gangs, native street gangs, young looking girls on every corner, drug dealers, filipino mafia, human traffickers, and bold thieves who will carjack you at stoplights, grand theft auto san andreas style, at knifepoint even (push the triangle button twice CJ!) according to various keyboard warriors on the internet (fucking honkeys, most likely). And none of this internet hype about Winnipeg is true... including stories of stupid motherfuckers allegedly throwing donuts at hookers for sport in Winnipeg. be sure to listen to my audio stories on this topic.

shimmy winnipeg ndngirlsWhat I found was Winnipeg is actually a quite nice, modern city that has a very bad rep. Winnipeg is Las Vegas compared to Thunder Bay. Things are just alive and jumpin here. The city doesn't shut down at 5pm. To save what little money I had for filming, I stayed at a hostel downtown for $28 a day, the cheapest accomodation I could find, and also rented a (very nice) lightweight road bike from there for $10 just to get around the city, meet some folks, and see for myself if all these internet rumors about Winnipeg were indeed true (none were). I ventured off to the infamous North end, or northside, or whatever the fuck that area past Main St. and Higgins is... the ethnic part of town with all the natives and brown folks are, and never once had any problems with anyone. I kicked it in the park with them niggas like they were family. I even went down Aikins, Selkirk, and all the neighboring tracks despite hearing from locals that I have a "100% chance of getting stabbed" there. You white canadian motherfuckers crack me up. Seriously. Indians are not going to fucking eat you. Now, the girls may fuck your brains out, suck your balls dry, and ride you like a rodeo bull... (for a price!) but they're not going to fucking eat you. Jesus. And it shouldn't take a black ass outsider "yankee" nigga like me to tell you that.

native_american_porn_ndngirls_soto_ojibwe_cree_girls4.jpgRant aside, and getting back to the NDNgirls girly girls, which are oh so much fun... I met up with Cindy my 2nd day in town and she showed me around and got me up to speed with everything, which is important when arriving at any new location... get you a bottom bitch to give you some game and fill you in on the details of your locale as soon as possible. The first thing I asked her was who or what was snapping flash pictures of me all around town, at fucking midnight even... when the streets were empty... and Cindy filled me in that they have "Speed Cameras" here in Winnipeg that take your cars picture when you're speeding and shit. Totally high tech society... they don't even have that in America yet to my knowlege. They got stoplight cameras, but not radar cameras for speeders. Niggas would riot in the streets over some bullshit like that in the US. Anyhow I had a rental car and didn't give a fuck about foreign traffic laws in typical american fashion... I did U-turns everywhere, as my nigga Obama would pardon me anyway. So on the way to take Cindy home she asked me for some smokes and I said sure thing, not knowing the motherfuckers were $11 a pack up here. I thought the dude at the 7-11 cheated me, and he even looked at my american money funny. I have no idea how you niggas up north can afford to smoke. Really I don't. If I can just bring me a few cartons up there next time I can trade those motherfuckers for pussy like beaver furs in the 1800s. Anyhow I got Cindy her rather pricey cancer sticks and gave her the job of finding me a video girl for NDNgirls in exchange for a small kickback, kind of like what Tomasina did for me in Thunder Bay. It always works better (and easier) for girls to recruit other girls for me. In the meantime it frees up my time to workout, play tourist (I snapped this cool photo at this place called "The Forks"), ride bikes, explore the city, and do other fun shit other than burning up gas chasing broads. But 2 days go by and still no leads from Cindy. And my bus leaves town in 12 hours. Fuck! Betty Spanks is all booked up, and I'm thinking I may be going home empty handed with no tape, having roughed it on the bus all cramped up for days eating cereal bars and canned tuna, with a fucked up throbbing leg from my car accident. I'm not a happy camper. So I decide to stop by Cindy's place one more time. She says to me she hasn't found anyone yet... BUT she'll do the video with me. Fuck yeah!

Getting to the scene, If you've never been with a shorty you're missing out fellas. I sincerely mean that. I've done scenes with hundreds of girls, of all races, shapes, and I must say the shorteez are the most fun to play with. Preferrably Size 0. Really doe. Colin Chapman (racecar driver for Lotus) said it best, "Light weight is it's own reward" and such is the case with short girls like Cindy. Just over 4ft tall and 120lbs = FUN. You can pickup this chick without hurting yourself, flip her over like a waffle, and basically ride her like a bicycle! You can probably bench press her too, but I didn't try that. Also your dick will look and feel at least 3 times bigger when partnering up with a shortee of this calibre. Look at the pics below, thats no camera trick Cindy is just little :) Did I mention she was FUN? Fuck dude... you had to be there. I think the pictures tell the story but you'll have to join NDNgirls and pay a nigga to watch the full movie inside. Don't forget you get a FREE NDNGIRLS DVD when you join too. I'll do something atypical here and provide you guys with my audio stories of the trip as well as a few teaser clips to enjoy. This one is sure to be a classic scene. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO


Audio Part 1 | Audio Part 2 | Audio Part 3 | Audio Part 4 | Audio Part 5 | Audio Part 6 (right click to save-as)

native american porn pussy ndngirls winnipeg thunder bay cindy


native american porn ndngirls winnipeg thunder bay reservation rez porn grand portage
native american porn ndngirls winnipeg thunder bay reservation rez porn grand portage


Celene Morningbutterfly - Pregnant smoking Ojibwe Indian hottie!

You never forget your first anything... Celene was the first native girls I ever filmed on video! I was really fucking broke this past summer after doing a cross country roadtrip with my kids, and had to use a $2 LED flashlight for lighting on this video, thats why the color is all fucked up... but still... it actually was a pretty hot scene I'm proud of. Back in the summertime, Celene gave me a smoking blowjob in the bathroom of this really shitty motel room on the outskirts of the rez that didn't even have any electricity turned on in the room I was in. She's Ojibwe indian by the way, and visibly at least 6 months pregnant and still smoking like my volkswagen on a cold morning. She's got a nice tight body and despite being pregnant her skin is tight as a drum. This is a smokin hot POV blowjob scene, followed by a shower scene and some behind the scenes footage/interview as she redressed and I gave her a ride to her doctors appointment. After I shot this first scene, I thought to myself... hmmm I need to be doing more of this... and thats when I committed to doing the NDNgirls website and getting my footage up. At the time of writing this, I heard from around the block that Celene did have her baby but unfortunately was in jail for some domestic shit with her babydaddy at the time I last went up there asking about her. I would love to film her again and will make it a point to do so on my future trips up there. Honestly this girl has one of the best fit healthy bodies of most any of the girls I have filmed up there, and she actually did a super good job on video. Four stars all the way for Celene. Hope things work out for her she's a pretty cool chick.



Daisy - OMGWTF... Gangsta NDNgirl fresh out of jail for cutting off some niggas finger!

This badass native girl told me all sorts of shit about herself in the first 5 minutes of this video. She just got out the big house for cutting off some niggas finger in an attempt to stab the motherfucker. Wow! Now I'm from east Oakland, California and I survived living there for 20 years of my life and think I'm a real ass street nigga.. but I have to admit this bitch is more gangsta than me and 90% of the niggas I know just by the way she casually said that she cut a motherfuckers finger off... like it wasn't even a big deal. God dam. And I would not have guessed that by looking at her. Daisy is another Ojibwe Indian, which is common in these parts where I was staying. Anyhow I filmed her a few months back in a Super8 motel before the NDNgirls website was even open so I don't remember too much off the top of my head about exactly what happened so I'm not going to make up some bullshit story just for your entertainment. Just watch the fucking video guys. Daisy does a striptease, shower, blowjob, handjob, and I fucked her doggystyle too. Now let me be a little hard on myself here, since I'm always over critquing my own work... to you guys its just another fucking video but I try to keep it real and deliver a good product for your money, so here's whats up with this scene...

Daisy was another one of my "first generation" NDNgirls that I filmed up on the rez, and like Gee Southwind I wasn't exactly clear on what the fuck I was doing so I did a little bit of everything with her. Unfortunately (or not) in retrospect I used condoms on every scene except for the handjob part because I was all into trying to do shit the *proper* way and get the girls AIM tested (see aim-med.org) which is what they do in porn valley but that shit gets to be expensive and when you are on a real skinny budget like me you just kind of go with what you know. So anyhow I wanted to be extra "safe" and shit and put on the plastic. If you've ever gotten your dick sucked while wearing a condom it basically feels like you're wearing a wetsuit and small dolphins are molesting you. You can't really feel shit except for the pressure of the girls mouth. can't feel any wetness, etc. So let me quit rambling about that. Now I would probably condom up for sex scenes, but BJ scenes... nah never again. Another thing that was my bad since I was still pretty new with the camera and shit, this is my only video where I had the fucking thing on PAUSE during the popshot at the end, and I am still kicking myself to this day for that because it was a good scene. I had a condom on for the most part but at the end I came on her face and she licked it up telling me that I taste good. And I only wish the cam caught that shit just so that I could watch it and relive that moment. But its a video, and its porn, and not too shabby in my opinion for one of my first few attempts.



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Phoenix Knight - Smokin HOT Florida Seminole NDNgirl gets POUNDED Shimmy Style!

Shimmy back with another NDNgirls update! And yall niggas thought I only filmed indians in little podunk shithole "south park" cracker towns like Grand Portage, Minnesota and Thunder Bay, Canada... LMAO! I'm worldwide nigga! There are reservations and pockets full of frybread eating, dreamcatcher weaving native indians spread out ALL over America and Canada... after all it IS their fucking land! And rest assured I'll be hitting all them mofos up! As for this latest NDNgirls update, I hooked up with first-time video amateur Phoenix Knight, who was only a few hours away from me here in sunny Florida where it's currently hot as fuck. I think the constant heat, coupled with the purity of the shipments arriving at the port of miami daily makes Florida girls just wanna fuck your brains out. Phoenix Knight was well worth the drive cause this girl is a REAL true life NIGGER LOVER. This girl gets down on her knees for extended periods and straight up worships the black dick. You can see it in her eyes nigga there ain't no acting going on here. You simply must see and hear her in full screen, 720p HD action to fully undertand what I mean. She is a total black dick slut. This indian shorty is a grade-A top notch motherfucking freak that left my ikea sheets smoking. Phoenix sucks dick like a champ. She deepthroated my dick all the way to the base and drooled all over it like a fucking retard and kept up that perfect WET SUCTION action the whole time. She maintained her "fuck me" eyes the whole time and you can tell this NDNgirl is REALLY into pleasing and not teasing and I love that about her.

On the real my favorite part of nailing Phoenix was when I set my cam on tripod then mounted her doggystyle. I got all up up in them hips nigga, to the point where a motherfucker would swear our bones were welded together. But with an ass so soft, tight abs, and strong triceps this girl was an amazing lay. She swears its just a combination of 420, pizza, and just her being herself. No acting here folks, this chick is off the motherfucking chain and this is her FIRST EVER appearance on video exclusively available to NDNgirls members. There are also 100+ full screen hi-res photos in the members area that I took with my Nikon. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of Phoenix Knight in the near future, so stay tuned for more! We filmed a little bit at the beach too and hopefully can shoot more before Florida's coast gets all fucked up from the oil spill. Peaceout y'all! Shimmy @NDNgirls



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Jessie Lynn - Mixed Ojicree Indian girl... Contents under pressure...

This girl was the last of chicks on my first round of filming up on the rez many months ago, back when I wasn't even thinking about a whole lot of website planning and shit. So that means I fucked her with a condom and did a multitude of things with her, but my camera work wasn't exactly up to par along with my lighting setup. But as you can see with some of the newer shit I filmed, you get better with anything as you go along. I still can't believe I got blown with a rubber on that was just fucking retarded of me. Eh well live and learn... Jessie Lynn is OjiCree, a mix of Ojibwe and Cree Indian in her words. I met her through her friend Daisy who I filmed the previous day. Jessie Lynn actually has a twin sister and I'm trying to convince the girls to shoot a video together, which would totally kick ass. Jessie is 26 and in this video we fucked around, did some bj/hj scenes, and fucked a little bit too. This girl laughed her ass off the whole time the camera was rolling and it didn't turn out too bad. She did make me shoot off a big load at the end with a nice handjob and it surprised her (she actually screamed) when she saw it pop off and nearly hit the ceiling. Eh well, adult entertainment... enjoy my niggas.



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Sierra Sanchez - Handjob from a Hometown Hottie!

This petite indian girl is no stranger to the camera, she has been featured on a few of the big "florida boys" websites, such as Bangbus, In the VIP, Combat Zone, etc, and has costarred in about 4 DVDs so far as she tells me. Aside from my own videos, I've only been in a few other peoples vids as talent too. But let me get back to the story... cause this little girl is a fucking pro at servicing dicks... she reminds me of the little tasmanian devil cartoon thing. I didn't have to instruct her about doing the scene with me, she had her ID and paperwork ready to go, and it just made my morning really easy on me. I didn't have to travel far to find Sierra, only about a 20 minute drive from my little office space in Florida! Sierra gave me a kickass handjob after doing a little striptease and solo play for the camera and she even sucked me off a bit just cause she felt like it was the right thing to do at the time. She has got an amazing physique, and is a native indian from Panama. Thats in central america for all you ignorant niggas out there who didn't pay attention in 5th grade geography. I don't know what else to tell you guys, its a handjob scene with a hot indian girl who talked oh so dirty to me with her sweet little cartoon character voice. She's got a hot wet mouth and a fabulously fit body. My only regret is that I didn't fuck her little tight ass cause she was being real playful and I totally dig that. I expect to see great things from this girl in the future, and since she lives so close to me I wouldn't be surprised if you saw her on this website again real soon. If you guys got any requests etc for future shoots make sure to email me and I'll do my best to oblige.


Tomasina and her wild ass indian brother - BJ gone bad! Good for a quick laugh.

So you niggas wanna see more "reality porn" huh... its always amusing to film girls in their own places, so you get a feel for their character, etc... Tomasina had sunflower seeds and cigarette butts everywhere, along with dirty laundry and shit just strown all over the place. and Get a load of this I was going through my tapes from my last trip and found some "extra footage" at the tail end of one of my tapes. I wasn't even gonna publish this scene because it's incomplete, but I got a good laugh out of it so fuckit. I thought you guys might too, or at the very least learn a lesson from my dumbass. After I shot that little bullshit interview scene with Steph, the 19 year old chick without ID I said this is bullshit Tomasina I need a better scene than that... so she was like well just drop me off back at my apartment, and come upstairs and I'll suck you off real quick. And I know she can make a nigga nut real quick with that hot native american girl mouth of hers. Her wet pursed lips are amazing nigga. This video is only a few minutes long but you get to see how this chick lives, her apartment is so trashed and dirty I felt like I wanted to burn my clothes after I left up outta that mofo. But thats real shit, and thats why you're here at this website right? If you wanted to see that LA porn shit with all the bright orange rooms and curvy couches and shit in the background you would be looking at one of those other motherfuckers websites.... oops I forgot, they don't have no REAL native indian girls! Well with the exception of Ruby Knox, who is fine as fuck and I can't wait to film her cute little ass. But back to the story here, I started filming the BJ scene and a few minutes into it we both hear a LOUD ass knock at the door. Tomasina ignores it at first, then the nigga keeps on knocking like this bitch owes him some money or something. She says "it's my fuckng brother". I was about to shout to the nigga to "wait your turn motherfucker" I'm trying to bust a nut in your sisters mouth here" but didn't wanna start any shit, and now the dude says to her... yelling actually... in his best alpha male big brother voice to "OPEN UP THE FUCKING DOOR BITCH" as she continues to suck me off.

Now I don't know if this was a violent and/or crazy thug nigga indian motherfucker on the other side of the door and I sure as hell wasn't about to find out and fight some random nigga over a little fucking sony tape in my camera and have the rez cops show up (indian reservations have their own private reservation police force etc, and you do NOT wanna fuck with those niggas (see pic in members area) as they make their own laws, have their own tribal courts, etc and you basically have no fucking usa/canada based rights whatsoever as you're on their land) for your entertainment at home so I just said we'll finish up this shit later and got dressed. That never happened cause it was late, and these 2 motherfuckers wanted to get stoned out of their minds. So whatever, but I found it entertaining just watching this shit and reliving the moment. Its good for a laugh just so you see how some of these girls live. I don't have her brother on video but the nigga looked like "Fu Man Chu" with the the big chinese moustache and shit. He just looked at me on the way out the door and didn't say shit to me. I wonder had I been a white dude would things have been a little different... anyhow I always like to shoot video where I control the location, lesson learned... 2 stars, enjoy!



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Tomasina & Danica - Double BJ Sandwich in the Kitchen!

So I filmed a solo BJ scene with Tomasina the previous day and saw her petite 88 lb booty out on the bus stop around lunchtime. I hollered at her and she hopped in the car... she looked hungry so I took her skinny ass to A&W to get a burger. This chick orders the most expensive shit on the menu, some super cheeseburger called a "double teen combo" and it cost me $10.99 with fries and drink. Fast food is super fucking expensive up north and I'm just not used to that. I couldn't afford anything else on the menu after her shit and just got a free cup of water. Watching this girl eat this massive cow sandwich would have made a good video in itself, cause it amazes me to watch stick thin people eat like its their last meal.

So after getting some food in her I asked would she wanna make some more cash by doing another video with a friend, and she was like fuck yeah man so she makes some phone calls and we meet up at her friend Danica's apartment after grabbing my camera gear at the hotel. She's got a pretty nice place actually, but I think she was trying to save money on her utilities cause the place was fucking freezing inside. I turned on the oven and the burners to warm the place up and then gave the chicks some cash before shooting a few still pictures. After that I was sufficiently warm from the radiant heat and we got right into the video. Danica sucked my dick hard and forcefully, really working her head and neck on that shit. It made most every other blowjob I've got seem like a bullshit effort the way she sucked on that shit. I mean you could feel her fucking jaws working overtime on that shit, and the sound effects weren't all fake and exaggerated like when white girls do it. Yall know what I mean, it sounds like Beckys drinking a triple thick milkshake but in reality it feels like she is licking stamps. Nope not here...

Danica is in my opinon the NDNgirls dick sucking EXPERT. She sucks the balls just as hard too. I am thinking this chick really really likes me too, could be my head fucking with me but man you can tell when a girl is trying her damndest to do a good job and when her mind isn't really into it. I can't forget Tomasina chiming in on the 2 girl BJ, she was a good supporting role too, but Danica brought on her "A game" in the kitchen. I actually had to take a break about 10 minutes into the shoot (I edited this part out) because I was starting to lose my balance with her sucking me off so damn hard and trying to hold the camera steady for a good shot for you niggas to watch here then she finished me off. Nut all on her face, mouth, down the throat, and everywhere... so much it made her gag and spit it out in the kitchen sink! Then she says my cum looks really white at the end of the video and some other shit which I found hilarious. Like really, what color is the shit supposed to be? All 3 of us damn near fall out on the floor at the end, it was a pretty good time we had there and a great way to spend a cold, snowy afternoon with some fun loving native girls.



Tomasina - Because every man needs him a good bottom bitch

Tomasina was my bottom bitch for this round of filming up north. For those of you not in the know, urbandictionary.com is a good resource for you. But here let me school yall niggas real quick... a bottom bitch is actually a positive thing, Tomasina was my contact for the duration of my stay on the rez. She put the word out that I was filming, brought new girls to me everyday, and in turn I kicked her back a little money everyday and some nice dinners here and there. She actually hustled me pretty good and got more than her share of designer handbags and cash but she was really helpful at recruiting girls for me. That meant I could spend most of the day at the gym, with my kids, or sleeping, Early in the morning I left this bootcamp exercise class at the gym and I headed out to get a smoothie. Along the way I saw this skinny babe ice skating with her boots on while crossing the street. She was literally just gliding across the ice on the road she saw me laughing at her and she came up to the car. I got her in and then gave her the full rundown that I make videos etc and told her she could make some money by doing one and also i would kick her back a little referral fee if she sends more girls my way. It really didn't take much convincing on my part... I ended up giving her lunch, a little bit of cash, and a Coach purse and Louis Vuitton backpack (cheap knockoffs from the florida flea market I brought up there with me) for helping me out. You'll see her in the background in about 3 or 4 scenes because she told some of her friends whats up and brought them back to my place for filming. She sucks a mean dick too, I filmed her at least 4 different times on different days just for the hell of it. I like the way she sucks on the nuts real hard, and she lets you nut in her mouth like a good girl. Honestly, Danica is my favorite dicksucker so far but Tomasina does a real good job too and she's just so calm and nonchalant about sucking dick like its not really a big deal. And really it isn't. Its just normal, healthy, and sexy. Hope you enjoy her videos, I will be posting up some more of her scenes later I have tons of footage of her since she was with me a lot.


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